Renewal of Creation

One way to think of the finality of Prophethood may be, that Muhammad (PBUH), is the Seal of the Prophets until the Day of Resurrection. Whether this means the physical end of the world is discussed further under the topic: Day of Judgment.

As fervor for the coming millennium has been on the increase among many of our Christian brothers and sisters (with possible implications of the Second Coming of Christ, and the end of the world), we notice to a lesser degree, a parallel increase among some Muslims, of the idea that the Day of Judgment is not very far. They base these beliefs on the appearance of many of the signs of the Day of Judgment, mentioned in the Qur'an and Hadith.

The possible nearness of the Hour, may give more validity to the notion that there is no further need for divine guidance since the world is coming to an end very soon anyway.

Others insist that only God knows the time of the end, and it is quite possible that life on this planet may continue for millennia to come. Many of this second group insist however, that the laws of Islam are valid and appropriate for all people, for all times, and all places. When it is pointed out to them that there have not been any societies or countries which practice the Islamic way of life according to the Shari'a (Islamic Jurisprudence) for quite some time now, these people insist that Islam will have a second zenith, even as it had its first zenith during the middle ages when the Islamic Khalifate ruled from Spain to the boarders of China.

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Others still, have argued that according to the Qur'an, and even when (or if) there is a physical end of some kind, creation is cyclically renewed, and as long as creation continues, humankind will always be in need for guidance, in fulfillment of what is known as the eternal Covenant of God, which He established with humanity: that in return for obedience to His laws and teachings, He would not let us go astray. After all, even angels will continue to need guidance according to the Holy Qur'an:

"Say, if there were settled on earth angels walking about in peace and quiet, We should certainly have sent them down from heaven an angel for an apostle."
Qur'an 17:95

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Some verses from the Holy Qur'an about the continuation and renewal of creation:

[21.104] On the day when We will roll up heaven like the rolling up of the scroll for writings, as We originated the first creation, (so) We shall reproduce it; a promise (binding on Us); surely We will bring it about.

[29.19-20] See they not how Allah originates creation, then repeats it: truly that is easy for Allah. Say: Travel in the earth and see how He makes the first creation, then Allah creates the latter creation; surely Allah has power over all things.

[50.15] Were We then fatigued with the first creation? Yet are they in doubt with regard to a new creation.

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